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Organizing your garage in Manchester, Washington, will improve home value and quality of life.

A home garage is generally believed to be a space solely built for the parking of vehicles. It makes sense; that is what the architect of your home designed, and the construction crew built it to do. That said, it is also the largest space in your home, tends to get filled with junk, and is a wasted opportunity if you don’t use it right. Dining rooms gave way to open floor plans, and for many, garages have become the home business, music studio, storage stud, and whatever they need.

However, the majority now prefer it as a space for organized storage. Most home garages need to have the ability to serve some functionalities. Does your home garage have the potential for these functionalities?

All will be curtailed with the common appearance of much clutter in the garage. If you wish to actualize a visible worth for your home in Manchester, WA, the best thing to do is to effect appropriate changes to the garage architecture. If you are considering selling, a great garage means a lot. If you are not, you already have a great home addition if you get it done right.

According to a survey by the Wall Street Journal, it is believed that one out of ten householders is hesitant to improve their garage space. This shows that many homeowners are passionate about making adequate garage organization. The limiting factor is that most owners don’t know how to make their desired objectives represented.

To improve your home’s value, you should start by organizing it. The most assured space to start is your garage. There are many ways of achieving this remarkable stride of successful garage organization in Manchester, WA, so that it is usable and space of pride. They include:

Discard useless items from the garage in Manchester, WA.

Ceaselessly pilling up junk items in the garage will, by all indications and basically refrain us from adequate garage usage. A reference survey conducted by Impulse Research reveals that 24% of homeowners feel greatly embarrassed due to garage clutter. You don’t need to keep the big overhead door closed. A space you can use and share is days away once you dive in.

Is there any justifiable reason why many people fill the garage space with unnecessary items? Most homeowners prefer parking their vehicles inside the garage against the driveway. You don’t need to sacrifice that.

 These junk items tend to multiply very fast increasingly. Before you know it, things are beyond your control. It’s then incumbent to follow a rule of 1 year. If you have not used an item over the past year, you don’t need it.

Once you discard these useless or junk items inside your garage, you will be amazed at the resulting fantastic floor space. Plus, you will be able to ensure better garage organization in Manchester, WA as well.

Keep your valuable items safe in garage cabinets in Manchester, WA.

There will be some expensive items such as pneumatic and cordless power items. Other valuable items can include power generators, air compressors, and nice hand tools that are of a higher quality. Mechanics tools are expensive if you are way smarter than me. It’s best to store all these items in an enclosed location to protect your investment and money. It’s even better if it locks.

Garage storage cabinets in Manchester, WA that have locking drawers and doors provide a reliable storage solution for such expensive items. It provides you with comprehension and assurance that your valuable tools are stored securely. Spending some extra money on such storage solutions is worth it.

Focus on ensuring your garage is safe and free from hazards in Manchester, WA.

If your garage is poorly organized and dirty, that can also hamper safety. If you have items laid out all across the garage flooring and tools on the walls, easily visible, it can result in leaking hazards and tripping.

No matter what garage flooring you have, even if it’s a snap-together modular tile system designed for your garage floor in Manchester, WA, if items are littered all across, your vehicles can cause damage to these items as well. It can also result in scratches, dents, and scuffs on your vehicles.

You can keep that clutter away by adequately ensuring the use of garage storage cabinets; this drastically reduces safety hazards. There can be several hazardous materials and dangerous chemicals stored in your garage. These can be stored inside custom garage cabinets that provide optional locking drawers and doors.

Some examples are: 

  • Solvents as well as paints
  • Pesticides as well as fertilizers
  • Products used for cleaning
  • Containers that contain automotive fluids

You can ensure further child safety in your garage by using locking doors and cabinet drawers. These storage solutions will also safely store all the sharp tools. 

Custom garage makeover

Upgrade the garage floor with high-quality garage flooring tiles for Manchester, WA

In the absence of sufficient protection, the flooring on your garage can crumble, suffer wear and tear, and crack. One example of wear and tear on the surface can be pitting. This will usually be seen as several small indentations on the flooring. Another example is spalling, where the floor surface flakes or crumbles away.

Our weather is simply too wet for rubber or epoxy flooring to install or work right for the long term. This isn’t a huge loss

After years of doing garage floors in the Pacific Northwest, we have learned that modular garage floor tiles are best for our weather. Epoxy and paint variations just don’t work in our wet climate. Here’s why garage floor tiles are easily the best option.

  • They come in most colors of the rainbow. Match your cabinets or slat walls. Combine a few colors to make a checkerboard, or literally lay out where things fit to stay organized, and your garage floor can be beautiful and helpful.
  • They can be purchased with petroleum and chemical resistance. This makes it easy to clean and maintain, saving the floor and home value.
  • Garage tiles come in many designs and sizes. A diamond pattern screams masculine; the non-clip round pattern makes it look like the playroom it can be. They make ones that offer grip and let debris fall through to maintain safety when wet. They even make some with carpet to lock in and snap tight with other surfaces in the garage.
  • Garage floor tiles distribute weight and save your floor. Even cars on pneumatic for long periods will not hurt your concrete base.


We can help you work this out. It isn’t like choosing kitchen cabinets. It is not nearly as expensive, and we never charge for design. We’ll tell you what’s possible, you tell us your needs, and we will professionally install your new garage floor.

 If you have garage flooring that is unfinished and dusty, you might need to upgrade it. Finished flooring that looks stunning results in a tremendous impact when it comes to garage transformation.

 While it’s not that complicated for us, most of our clients are a bit surprised by the useful and affordable options available. For obvious reasons, we do the garage floor first and offer professional design and installation that works great for Manchester garages.

Purchase custom garage cabinets to maximize storage in Manchester, WA.

Garage Remodeling Services

Some of your valuable items in the garage may not be hung on the Slatwall alone. They can be properly kept in the garage storage cabinets as one of the storage options. Heights can be adjusted based on the regular user or child safety, and they offer regular and simple changes based on your needs. Some items that you can store there are:

  • Small items
  • Tools
  • Recycle bins and trash bins
  • Compressor or shop vac
  • Dangerous chemicals or valuables that need to be securely locked


Having custom garage cabinets in Manchester, WA is a prudent investment. Custom cabinets offer precise fits for your garage and look more appealing than ready-made shelving units from large stores. The high grade of craftsmanship and materials offer better shelf life and smoother functionality.

Another reason to use garage storage cabinets is to ensure that stored items remain hidden from sight. This reduces visual clutter and keeps things orderly in your garage.

Optimize garage storage to create a more personalized space in Manchester, WA.

Custom garage cabinets are an essential option if you wish to have a more personalized space in your garage. Customizing garage cabinets provide much flexibility in developing an ultimate cabinet system. Holiday decorations can be kept out of the way, family heirlooms (like my grandma’s clowns I can’t get rid of) and other seldom accessed items can be safe and stored out of the way.


The customized fit helps optimize available space. Corners that are not so frequently used can be made more useful by adding custom cabinetry. If you have free walls in your garage and they are unfinished, you can have garage ceiling racks installed. This manages your storage requirements and provides a better finish for the garage interior. 

The custom garage storage cabinets can also be designed to ensure you will use the garage cabinets in the best possible manner. For example, if you have a hobby, the lower and upper cabinets can store the most frequently used tools. In this manner, these tools are always nearby.

Many unique options can be added along with custom garage cabinets in Manchester, WA:

  • Color choices and options
  • Sink units
  • Power bars that have charging ports for USB cables
  • Backsplash
  • Valance lighting and pot lighting
  • Closure of TV cabinets
  • Organizing bins for utility drawers
  • Dedicated spacing to hide recycle bins and garbage

Optimize storage with the use of Slatwalls in Manchester, WA.

Most people use their garage walls to hang various storage items. Based on this, these are not used to their maximum potential. You can maximize the storage by using panels made of Slatwall. These panels are cut accurately to accommodate your garage’s dimensions, such as wall switch cutouts, tubing for central vac, outlets, and so on. 

The horizontal design of the grooving and accessories used on the Slatwall in a Puget Sound garage helps you organize things quite efficiently. As your storage requirements evolve with time, you can also move shelves and hooks around easily.

The Slatwall panels are functional and offer a polished and clean look to your unfinished garage. You can select from various colors to provide matching flooring or cabinets. 

custom garage cabinets

There are so many hanging accessories that are available these days. So, you will not find issues selecting the best accessory to fulfill the requirements for your wall hanging. 

Hanging accessories and Slatwall panels are the ultimate storage solution for wall mounting in your garage. It provides a polished and clean finished look. 

The entire system for the wall hanging entails the installation of Slatwall panels made of PVC that are easily cleaned, sturdy, as well as waterproof.

By using several different kinds of racks, hooks, shelves, and bins, the systems for wall hangings keep your garage well organized and maximize storage space. You can easily rearrange stored items using Slatwall compared to other types of wall storage, for example, pegboard. 

Slatwall panels have many different color options that enable easy customization for your garage design. You can decoratively use such panels in many more ways:

  • The entire wall of the garage can be covered and used in awkward spaces and corners
  • You can combine drywall space with Slatwall
  • A different Slatwall color is easily added to wall designs for decoration. For example, a Slatwall strip in blue color can be added to a gray Slatwall
  • Ribbon lighting can be installed on the Slatwall, which offers a more cozy ambiance

Use overhead garage storage to store periodic items.

Most garage walls are not utilized fully, and ceiling spaces are no different. You can get so much more storage just from your ceiling space. 

Overhead garage ceiling racks in Manchester, WA, can help keep the flooring on your garage free of clutter. Most of these racks’ durable construction helps you store heavy items. These racks are also adjustable and arrive in various lengths. 

There are a few items perfect for overhead storage in garages:

  • Equipment for sporting
  • Furniture for the patio
  • Storage bins, which are excellent at hiding clutter
  • Decorations for holidays
  • Winter tires
  • The Surfboard you used once
  • The fishing poles you need to use more
  • Let’s not mention your golf game


About a decade ago, many people thought that garage ceiling racks entailed strength, installing a garage shelf mounted on the walls or lumber pieces, or sliding skis mounted between ceiling joists and hard-to-use hooks.

Homeowners in Manchester, WA, these days can enjoy products that maximize garage ceiling space without the hassle. There are several types of storage systems for garage ceilings:

Overhead garage cabinets produced with heavy-duty material

This storage solution helps to keep heavy items due to their heavy weight. Sturdier garage overhead cabinets can accommodate as much as 600 lbs. This kind of rack storage, which includes wire mesh platforms, is placed over ceiling joists. It is also additionally anchored to a wall for more support. You can search for adjustable models with a durable finish.

Lift racks providing mobile storage

These overhead garage cabinets comprise a platform made of metal, which can be easily lowered or raised using a rope pulley or wire hoisting system. This is powered using a motor or hand crank. There are lift racks for storage that can be raised down or up using scissor-style systems.

Hoisting alternative for storage option

These storage systems are very similar to wire pulleys. They do not use any platform and usually store one item. These usually include items such as ladders, wheelbarrows, canoes, kayaks, and cargo boxes for car roofs.

Tracks that are fixed on the ceiling and include storage bins

Tracks or rail systems are mounted on a ceiling, and storage bins made of plastic can be easily slid inside or outside.

Storage hooks that are installed on the ceiling

This is the cheapest and most straightforward technique for storing items in the ceiling area of a garage. You have to screw hooks on ceiling joists for hanging items. Many Manchester, WA homeowners like to use a reasonably common storage idea for bikes.

Storage hangers overhead

This is another kind of product for storage designed for a particular item. Such types of hangers are installed on the upper walls or ceilings and include arms that support things like snowboards, skis, ladders, kayaks, as well as surfboards.

Hire a technical expert for your garage revamping in Manchester, WA.

Creating a garage makeover in Manchester, WA, that has more space is worth the expense and time you will invest in it. For this, opting for the right provider to do the makeover for your garage will be essential in achieving the best possible. 

There are several crucial things to identify when searching for a remodeling company for your garage. One of the cardinal things is to make sure that you opt for a versed expert in the field of a garage makeover.

Over the last decade and a half, Sound Garage and Closet has completed several large-scale garage makeovers. The transformed garages all have a delightful professional appearance and feel. You can also view more of our works on our website gallery. Much of the successes we recorded over time resulted from our extensive experience in this field and the usage of high-quality items.

Having a well-organized garage also increases the value of your home. It will even make your visitors and neighbors fascinated at the sight of your garage. Most of all, you and your loved ones at home will have peace of mind and more tranquility in your life when junk items that may cause harm has been dealt with. These are why so many Manchester, WA homeowners delight in making their garage a pleasant sight.  

You don’t have to feel uncomfortable about the current look of your garage. You can make a complete change today for your garage organization in Manchester, WA, with a top-rated garage company. 

We’d like you to schedule a free consultation for your garage design with us. We can create working plans and ways to solve the problems of storage and make your garage enjoyable for you for several years in the future. Our extensive experience ensures that your garage is in safe hands. At Sound Garage and Closet,, we have a dedicated team of specialists who can guide you and offer you the best storage and design remedy for your garage. Contact us today!

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