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A US Department of Energy survey found that 74% of homeowners believe “parking” to be the garage’s main function. However, the National Association of Professional Organizers discovered that 50% of homeowners said their garage space had the most clutter in a different survey and done no garage organization.

The time may be perfect for investing in a Garage Remodeling project if disorganization prohibits your Edina, Minnesota garage from serving its primary function.

These results are not surprising given that the average garage frequently ranks as the least structured space in many households. Particularly when making home additions or modifications, this area is frequently disregarded. What objectives and techniques should homeowners concentrate on when decluttering their homes?

Perhaps now is the time to think about upgrading your garage storage with the installation of custom garage cabinets in Edina, MN. Whatever your goals are, these practical garage organization ideas in Edina will help you make your garage functional and appealing.Garage Remodeling

The Garage Organization or Garage Remodeling Goals

You might have a wish list if you want to remodel your Edina, Minnesota garage. But you’ll need to be prepared to shoot for the stars if you want the greatest garage in your neighborhood. To successfully rebuild a garage in Edina, homeowners can follow these simple guidelines:

  • A combination of elegance and practicality
  • Creating more parking space
  • Garage cabinets might help you get extra space
  • A new epoxy garage floor and spruced-up walls
  • Introducing updated features and amenities

Along with epoxy garage flooring, slatwall panels, sturdy overhead garage storage, stylish garage ceiling racks, and other aspects for garage organization, your garage renovation in Edina, Minnesota, should include custom garage cabinets.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of ideas for making any garage storage system stand out in this guide. Once the project is completed, you can go above and beyond your original concept for your garage by putting in a little more effort and utilizing the skills of a professional garage cabinet maker in Edina, MN.

Custom garage cabinet

Clear the Garage of Unnecessary Clutter

The Chamberlain Group survey reveals that everything starts in the garage, especially if you are one of the 55% of homeowners who use the garage as their primary entrance.

Why do so many people cram so much crap into their garages? In this confusing situation, following the “1-year rule” is the right move. Keep in mind that if you haven’t used something in a year, you probably don’t need it.

To quickly arrange your garage, all you need are premium garage storage options like slatwall panels and custom garage cabinets. Your garage floor is generally filled with unneeded items that you are lying about. To house tools and other infrequently used goods, you can set up a variety of storage options. 

You can use a lot more hidden storage space when you use garage wall cabinets in Edina, MN. It helps to reduce the visual clutter caused by objects stored on open shelves in a garage.

Contemporary garage storage cabinet designs incorporate décor elements that improve the appearance of your garage. Once you’ve cleared the clutter, your garage will have more floor space. You also get superior garage organization in Edina, MN.


Securely Keeping Valuables in Garage Cabinets

You might need to secure and store expensive equipment, such as pneumatic and cordless power supplies. Additionally, you might have high-end hand tools, air compressors, power generators, and other necessary goods. To protect your investment, you’ll want to put all of these items in a protected area.

With lockable drawers and doors, garage storage cabinets in Edina, Minnesota, can provide dependable storage solutions for such valuable objects. Your priceless equipment is safe in storage so that you can sleep soundly. These storage options are more expensive, but they are valuable.

Staying Focused with the Safety Features in Your Edina, MN Garage

When your garage is cluttered and filthy, it compromises safety. Slipping hazards and leaks can occur when tools are visible on the walls and items are spread across the garage floor. If your garage flooring is messy and scattered, even if you have an epoxy garage floor in Edina, MN, your car could damage those items. Scrapes, dents, and scuffs may also occur on your vehicle.

Using garage storage cabinets that minimize safety hazards will help keep clutter at bay. Many hazardous substances and poisonous chemicals may be present in your garage. To store these items, you can customize the garage cabinets with locking drawers and doors.

Examples include: 

  • Fertilizers and pesticides
  • Supplies for cleaning
  • Solvents and paints
  • Automotive fluid containers

Adding lockable cabinet drawers and doors to your garage will help to enhance child safety. All sharp tools may be kept safe with these storage options.


Take full advantage of Storage with Custom Garage Cabinets in Edina, MN

garage cabinets remodeling

It’s not required to hang every object in the garage on the slatwall. You can use garage storage cabinets to keep useful things, including:

  • Garbage cans and recycling bins
  • Hazardous substances 
  • Small tools and objects
  • Garden equipment
  • The compressor or shop vac
  • Valuable items that must get locked away

A great investment is custom garage cabinets in Edina, Minnesota. Custom cabinets are a great alternative for your garage and look better than ready-made storage units from big-box retailers. Longer shelf lives and flawless performance are provided by high-quality materials and skills.

Another advantage of garage storage cabinets is that they keep stored stuff hidden. It maintains order in your garage and lessens visual chaos.

Using Garage Storage to Personalize Your Area

Custom garage cabinets are essential if you want your garage to feel more like a reflection of yourself. The ability to personalize garage cabinets increases the flexibility in designing the ideal cabinet system.

The customized fit makes the best use of the available space. Custom garage cabinets add functionality to unused corners. You can install garage ceiling racks if your garage has unfinished, free walls. It meets your storage needs while also improving the appearance of your garage.

You can have custom garage storage cabinets to ensure you get the most out of them. If you have a garage, you can use the lower and upper cabinets to store tools you use frequently.

There are many unique options that you can incorporate along with custom garage cabinets, such as:

  • Backsplash
  • Pot lighting and valance lighting
  • TV cabinet closure
  • Options and color selections
  • Utility drawer organization bins
  • Sink units
  • Power bars with USB port charging capabilities
  • Designated areas to conceal trash and recycling bins.

Slatwall for Improved Storage

On their garage walls, the majority of individuals hang various storage items. However, they are not being used to their full potential. Utilizing slatwall panels will enable you to increase storage. These panels, which include wall switch cuts, central vacuum tubing, outlets, and other features, are precisely made to meet the size of your garage.

The slatwall’s accessories and horizontal grooving design in an Edina, Minnesota, garage make it easy to arrange your possessions efficiently. If your storage requirements change over time, you can move shelves and hooks around easily.

In addition to serving a practical purpose, the slatwall panels offer your unfinished garage a clean and orderly appearance. You can select from various colours to display flooring and cabinets that coordinate attractively.

There are numerous hanging accessories available these days. As a result, selecting the ideal one to meet the criteria for your wall hanging will be simple.

Slatwall panels and hanging accessories are the ideal storage option for wall mounting in your garage. It has a finished and polished appearance. Installing PVC slatwall panels, which are durable, waterproof, and easy to clean, is an essential component of the entire wall-hanging system.

By incorporating a variety of racks, hooks, shelves, and bins, the wall-hanging storage solution keeps your garage organized and maximizes storage space. Compared to other wall storage options, such as pegboard, slatwall allows for easy item reorganization.

Slatwall panels come in a wide range of color choices creating easy customization for your garage design. There are numerous other methods to decorate with such slatwall panels, including:

  • Combine slatwall and drywall spaces.
  • You may drape the entire garage wall and use the nooks and corners.
  • Ribbon lighting on the slatwall can create a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • For decorating, you can incorporate a unique slatwall color into wall designs. For instance, you can add a blue slatwall strip to a grey slatwall.

Overhead Garage Storage for Seasonal Items

There are a lot of unused garage walls and ceiling spaces. You can get a ton of extra storage by leveraging the space in your ceilings. Overhead garage ceiling racks in Edina, Minnesota, may keep the flooring of your garage free of clutter. In addition, most of these racks’ sturdy construction allows you to store large items on them. These racks are adjustable and available in a variety of lengths.

The following items are ideal for overhead garage storage:

  • Seasonal tires
  • Sports equipment
  • Holiday decorations
  • Patio Furniture
  • Storage containers for concealing clutter

Years ago, people felt that garage ceiling racks consisted of a DIY shelf installed on the wall or sliding skis mounted in the ceiling joists. Today’s homeowners in Edina, MN, can take advantage of products that make the most of garage ceiling space. Storage systems for garage ceilings come in many forms:

Overhead Garage Cabinets Made from Heavy-Duty Materials

Because of its substantial weight, this storage option can accommodate heavy items. Overhead garage cabinets in Edina, MN, can typically hold up to 600 lbs. of weight. This type of rack storage, which also includes wire mesh platforms, can be supported by over-the-ceiling joists. Fastening it to a wall provides additional stability. You could look for long-lasting, adjustable models.

Lift Racks with Moveable Storage

These overhead garage cabinets feature a metal platform that can be easily raised and lowered with the help of a wire hoisting system or rope pulley. This can be powered by a motor or a hand crank. Storage lift racks can be raised and lowered using scissor-style devices.

Storage Hoisting Systems

These storage options strongly resemble wire or rope pulleys. They don't use any platforms and frequently only store one thing. Ladders, wheelbarrows, canoes, kayaks, and freight boxes for car roofs are frequently included.

Tracks mounted to the ceiling with storage bins

These plastic storage containers mounted on rails or tracks are easily slid inside or outside.

Storage Hooks Mounted to the Ceiling

It's the simplest and most affordable way to store things above a garage ceiling and works excellently for hanging things. Attach hooks to the ceiling joists using screws. Many people in Edina, Minnesota, store their bikes using this rather common technique.

Overhead Storage Hangers

Another type of storage item is designed for specific purposes. These hangers are mounted on higher walls or ceilings and include arms that support items such as snowboards, skis, ladders, kayaks, and surfboards.

Upgrade to a Premium Snap Lock Tile or Epoxy Garage Floor

If your garage flooring is unfinished and dirty, you may need to replace it. An appealing floor can significantly improve the appearance of a garage. You can choose a protective coating, such as an epoxy garage floor because it contains a Polyaspartic chemical as an additional coating. An epoxy garage floor in Edina, MN, simplifies cleaning and extends the life of the flooring along with a snap lock tile floor. Furthermore, the value of your garage increases.

In the absence of sufficient protection, the flooring in your garage is prone to degradation, wear and tear, and cracking. One form of surface deterioration that can happen is pitting. Typically, the floor will have numerous tiny indentations where this has occurred. Spalling, in which the surface of the floor peels or crumbles, is another illustration of this.

A Snap Lock Tile floor offers the best level of security. Even in the cold, you may use it in less than a day. A Snap lock tile garage floor in Edina, can keep your garage flooring appearing brand-new for years to come.


Epoxy Garage Flooring Professional Installation

Concrete flooring in a garage is often pitted, damaged, grey in color, and broken, making it difficult to design a visually appealing garage. Applying paint to unsightly garage flooring is equivalent to addressing only the symptoms rather than the root cause. In Edina, Minnesota, snap lock tile flooring performs far better than floor paint.

As previously stated, the best option is either an epoxy garage floor with a Polyaspartic compound finish or a snap lock tile floor especially in the winter. When selecting stains and floor paints, avoid the low-cost options. These don’t offer much floor surface protection. They will only make a minor cosmetic change to the flooring. If you have difficulty repairing a garage door in poor condition, choose a product with the best reviews in the Minnesota climate.

Homeowners in Edina, Minnesota, had great success with both epoxy floor treatments and snap lock tile. Hiring a professional to install it will produce more appetizing results. You can end up with a less-than-stellar outcome if you manage the procedure yourself. Such do-it-yourself coating techniques could fail for several reasons:

  • Flooring that is too wet while the coating is applied
  • Inadequate floor preparation before coating application
  • Epoxy coating quality is of poor quality
  • Using the incorrect temperature range to apply the coating

Such a coating alternative is more expensive, but the outcome is of higher quality. These applications are frequently challenging to handle. Based on this, specialized tools and knowledge is required.

The following are some reasons for including snap lock tile garage floors in your Edina, MN, garage organization plan:

  • Most of our garage floorings get sealed to protect from chemical spills and water damage.
  • They are incredibly long-lasting and durable.
  • Epoxy or tile garage floors make it easy to clean.
  • Concrete surfaces get better protection with an epoxy or tile garage floor.
  • An epoxy floor’s customizable color options and gleaming surfaces provide the room’s interior decorating with an attractive look along with the patterns available with snap lock tiles.

An Affordable Yet Stylish Garage Appearance

Using epoxy or snap lock tile on the flooring of your garage can completely transform it. It can transform an old garage into a gleaming, modern-looking space. Your garage floor in Edina, MN, shines, highlighting the decorative lighting installed there. An epoxy or snap lock tile floor easily conceals the flooring’s cracks, dings, and other flaws.

You can choose from hundreds of designs and color variations for to give you a unique look. We offer Polyaspartic topcoats for the garage floor to hide flaws and improve the shine over time or choose from any number of snap lock tile floors. Furthermore, Polyaspartic coating is resistant to common chemical spills and garage abrasions.

If you want the epoxy flooring to have more traction and a speckled appearance, you may want to add decorative mica or quartz chips. The floor would attract more shine and light thanks to the chips, which results in a pretty incredible luster.

Extended Durability

Your Edina, Minnesota, high-quality snap lock tile garage floor won’t require replacement for many years or even decades after installation. Your choice of garage cabinet company will determine this. Either treatment will endure longer than carpet or wood because of its resilience to shock, water, and stains.

We recommend epoxy if you want to spend money on garage organizing floors that won’t need to be updated regularly. Superior service providers guarantee the endurance of epoxy garage floors. It is a once-in-a-lifetime investment as a result. Due to its exceptional durability, snap lock tile flooring also offers significant cost advantages.

Additional Parking Area

According to UCLA research, up to 75% of American households have garages so cluttered that their vehicles cannot fit inside! Your prospective buyer will almost certainly be unable to park their current vehicle in their garage.

When you show them a usable garage space that is fully furnished with appropriate, high-quality garage cabinets and garage wall cabinets, it will undoubtedly attract prospective homebuyers and encourage them to offer a higher price for your home.


Hire a Professional Company for Garage Organization in Edina, MN

It will be well worth the money and labor invested in an Edina, Minnesota, garage remodeling to add more space. Choosing the right contractor to rebuild your garage will be the most important choice you have to make in this situation. There are several crucial factors to consider while looking for a garage renovation firm. Remodeling your garage successfully necessitates professional advice.

Great Northern Garage in Edina, Minnesota, provides the knowledge, expertise, and resources necessary to produce top-notch outcomes. Custom garage cabinets, overhead garage storage, and slatwalls give each garage we’ve transformed a polished appearance.

If your garage is professionally organized, the value of your home in Edina, MN, is likely to rise. There is no doubt that impressed guests and neighbors will compliment your decor. Most importantly, once the clutter is gone, you and your family will be able to enjoy relaxed tranquility at home.

Many Edina, MN, homeowners would rather have a garage that adds value to their home than one that is neglected or unused. You don’t have to be embarrassed by the state of your garage right now. Prepare to work with a reputable garage cabinet specialist in Edina, MN, for garage organization.

We would be happy to offer a free consultation for the design and renovation of your garage storage. Together, we can develop a plan that will offer you a gorgeous garage interior that you will love for years to come. Your garage will be in good hands thanks to our depth of knowledge and experience.

At Great Northern Garage in Edina, Minnesota, our team of experts is dedicated to supporting you and giving you the greatest design and storage solutions for your garage. Call us at 123-456-7890 to schedule a consultation with one of our professionals.

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